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An independent and tailored service, delivered by an ASDEM trained team.

Originally established in 2001 under ‘Casper Shipping Limited’ and since rebranded under ‘SHIPDEM’ in December, 2012.

We are a small, dedicated and experienced team who can add value to your operations.
ASDEM trained, our strength is in meeting the individual needs of every client. This is really important to SHIPDEM and is at the heart of our business philosophy. We pride ourselves in turning around claims within a very short time period, which ensures a continued good relationship between charterer and owner.

SHIPDEM have many years of experience with a proven track record of recovering between 50% to 80% of our clients total demurrage bill, whilst handling approx 1500 ship/barge claims per annum and we also raise approx. 600-700 claims against customers.

Shipowners can also benefit from outsourcing their claims handling, thus freeing up operations staff from the time consuming demurrage process.

All clients’ contracts and information is handled with total confidentiality and will never be shared with outside parties.

In short – Why employ expensive demurrage analysts when outsourcing to SHIPDEM would achieve optimum results at a fraction of the costs?