Slide background Demurrage happens.. and is inevitable Shipdem can help control your demurrage costs! We are happy to help...Get in touch!
Slide background Shipdem removes the burden of claims to release time for core activities Get in touch to explore the possibilities
Slide background Shipdem can help with all of your shipping requirements.. We are here to help you, talk to us now!
A Dedicated Service, geared to your needs

Shipdem provide a highly professional demurrage claims service

We are 100% independent of any ship owners or brokers, resulting in no conflicts

We have many years of experience with a proven track record of recovering between 50% and 65% of our clients total demurrage bill

We aim to remove the burden of demurrage from operators/charterers so they can concentrate on their main operational objectives

It’s easier than you can imagine outsourcing your demurrage handling!